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Sceptre 27″ Curved Monitor led c278w



I purchased this monitor as a third to go with a pair of Samsung 24 inches. I have a Scepter TV that I LOVE and I am using it right now as the monitor for my lap top as I type this. Scepter makes good products, overall. Sceptre 27″ Curved monitor

The biggest issue I had with this curved monitor is that it is very tough to configure to get a picture quality that is consistent over all applications. For instance, the reds may be beautiful and jump out at you, while the blues are too “green”, or that the picture is either too warm or too cold.

Using the video card software and the onboard monitor controls got me a decent picture, but it is nowhere near the quality and clarity of the two Samsung’s. The difference is obvious and striking. Perhaps if I wasn’t using other monitors and this one was a stand alone it wouldn’t be so bad.

I was planning on keeping this, however, since there were patches on the screen that shows inconsistencies in the “black”, where some parts are completely gray, I will likely return it next week after the samsung 27″ curved shows up. If the Samsung is better, then I’ll keep that one.

BUT, overall, this is not a bad monitor. It is built like a tank for something so light, it is easy to put together, and yes, you can get a very clear and articulate picture quality. It just has to be what you are looking for.

Sceptre 27″ Curved monitor Key features:

  • Back-lit
  • VESA
  • Display Port
  • Light + Sturdy
  • Good picture quality after configuring

It took two tries but Amazon eventually delivered a working monitor to me. The first shipment appeared to be a customer return & re-ship as the internal packing materials were only partially there. As a result the monitor stand was sitting flush on the monitor when I unpacked the it and of course the monitor and the stand had broken the monitor display panel.

The monitor was re-packed and the return/replacement was processed through the Amazon website within 20 minutes. I received a “factory-fresh” monitor two days later. Sceptre 27″ Curved monitor

The monitor is as described. The only note I would add to other reviews about what comes in the box is that if planning in using the Vesa mount feature this monitor DOES NOT come with the actual M6 mounting screws. The owner’s manual provides info on what types of screws to purchase but none come with the other in-box hardware.

The mounting extensions were provided but no screws. Since I Was upgrading a monitor I just took the mounting screws from my Dell monitor and used them for the new monitor – no need to contact Sceptre customer service or buy screws myself.

The monitor works great. I have two separate computers hooked up – one through the DisplayPort adapter and another through the HDMI adapter. Initial connection setup was without issue & seamless. The quality of the display is great and the refresh rate is superb. Computer full form

This monitor exceeds what I was hoping for in what could be described as “bargain-priced” monitor and meets all of my needs. Why spend more when this bad-boy meets the need?

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Sceptre 27" Curved monitor
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