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PICTEK Gaming Mouse 7200 DPI Adjustable


The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was the weight of this mouse. I was expecting it to be a featherweight like my last few cheap mice. Instead, it’s a hefty, solid chunk of sturdy plastic and rubber. The weight combined with the textured rubber on the sides makes it feel great to use. PICTEK Gaming Mouse

The mouse wheel is always the iffiest part of a mouse for me. Most of them feel off in some way when you middle click, usually by either requiring too much force or by being so wobbly that middle clicking becomes a challenge. This mouse wheel’s fantastic. Middle clicks are smooth and precise. Using the mouse wheel to scroll up and down a page also feels good. It requires just enough pressure that you won’t scroll accidentally, but not enough to make turning the wheel effort full. PICTEK Gaming Mouse

PICTEK Gaming Mouse Button

PICTEK Gaming Mouse Button

The side buttons are incredibly useful, especially when combined with the software. You can remap them to do whatever actions are most convenient (I have them set to select all, copy, and paste) or even have them perform complicated macros. Coding in macros with the included software was a bit of a chore, but that may be due to my keyboard. Keypresses kept getting duplicated. For example, trying to program in the letter “A” would lead to it programming in a bunch of consecutive “A”s. I gave up on trying out macros pretty quick due to that.

The software also allows you to control the mouse’s lights (mine are typically off), aside from the red light that turns on when the mouse is moving. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to disable that. It’s a cool effect and all, but I’d still prefer a completely Computer full form unilluminated setup. If you’re really into pretty lights, though, solid red lights looked fantastic when combined with the red movement light. PICTEK Gaming Mouse



The most important feature of the software is the ability to change the mouse’s movement settings. The DPI can be adjusted in smaller increments than the top buttons alone are capable of (and those buttons are also remappable just like the side buttons in case, like me, you have no need to adjust the DPI again once it’s set correctly). Mouse acceleration is also configurable. PICTEK Gaming Mouse

This is a mouse whose value far exceeds its cost. I’ve spent upwards of $100 on mice before, but this is still the best I’ve ever owned. I can’t recommend it any more highly. If its durability turns out to be okay, and based on how solid it feels I assume it’ll be fine, I plan to buy a few more to keep in the closet as replacements.

One thing to note – make sure you take the plastic covers off the feet of the mouse. I didn’t, and it took me far too long to figure out why it was such a pain dragging the mouse across my mouse pad. It glides like a charm now that they’re off. PICTEK Gaming Mouse

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PICTEK Gaming Mouse
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