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MasterLiquid ML120R CPU Liquid Cooler Intel/AMD Support


This AIO is very efficient : I loose near from 10°C from my previous air cooling system (AXP-100) with a Intel I7 4770 processor, in idle or in game (now, between 35°c to 50°c maximum instead of 45 to 60°C).

But I win also, and the most important for me, the sound of silence ! Even it’s working with two fans (push-pull configuration), I cannot heard the pump, nor the fans (or just a little !) then idle.

It replace 3 fans (all 4 pins controlled) : 1 in the front of the PC for the box cooling (120 mm), 1 for the processor cooling (120 mm), and the last from the right side (80 mm). Very nice !

Rgb System

RGB system provide more fun PC if you’re addict on it. If it’s not the case, you can switch off the lights or simply not connect the RGB wires. By the way, this is one of the cons I have. If your motherboard cannot take in charge the RGB management of the fans. The pump cable management with the RGB controller provided could be tricky.

There’s connectors coming in all the wide side of the RGB box controller (SATA for power, micro-USB for dialog with the mother board, analog and digital RGB connectors, RESET IN/OUT ports). And you have to find the best place in your PC box to install all wires needed: could be difficult, if you have short volume like my Cooler Master Elite 130 design for mini-ITX configuration.

Fortunately, I have only SSD disks and no CD reader it save place. RESET button of you PC box can be used to control this RGB controller. Press more than 5 secs to reseting you PC.

RGB Software

The RGB software is OK, but not without some bugs. First of all, you have to update the firmware of the controller. Easy to do it, but you have to unplug all the wires except the power supply (SATA) and USB (strictly follow the directions given by the software).

Nevertheless, sometime it happened that you have to reset it by switching off all the PC power (physically). Its happened to me also that I had to reinstall. The Windows10 software Cooler Master Lightening Control to working properly again.

RGB effects defined from the Overview tabs are permanents. (even if your PC is switching off without disconnected from the power plug !). But all effects design from the Lightning maker are not. If you close the software windows, RGB effect come back to the default defined in the Overview section. Computer full form

For example, the ‘screen follower’ effect, very nice, doesn’t work if this software is not activate and effect not started. So, some jobs to do to make it more useful.

Notice are not very clear and precise for some points : there’s only figures inside, but you can made mistake when you mount the fans for example in push-pull configuration because there’s no arrows to indicate the air flow on the fans themselves. Take your time to install it carefully and double check it after each steps.


Be aware also that the tubes can be lightly oriented at the pump level. This is not indicated in this notice. (could be nice to know when your power supply is just above the mother board).
To sump up, I recommend this AIO witch is one of the more efficient current AIO you can find for a very good price. RGB part could be more improved, even from software (bugs) or from the controller (too much cables to manage).
Have fun !

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MasterLiquid ML120R CPU Liquid Cooler
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