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HP 23.8-inch FHD IPS Monitor with Tilt/Height Adjustment


This workstation sits at a little more than 4 stars while a portion of the other likewise evaluated and practically identical screens from Specter, Lenovo, and different brands drift around 4.5 stars. HP 23.8-inch FHD IPS Monitor

This gave me delay, however subsequent to glancing through a large number of the 1-3 star surveys unmistakably the larger part had cruelly punished the screen because of its apparently dreary sound execution.

My workstation has shockingly better than average sound so I could basically think less about the screen’s speakers. Presently on the off chance that my PC didn’t sound great, I would have just associated my workstation to my Bluetooth speaker, my old PC speakers, my blue tooth earphones, or hellfire even my encompass sound on the off chance that I felt so slanted. Those surveys are excessively requesting imo. HP 23.8-inch FHD IPS Monitor


Early introduction: Time spent from opening the crate to having the screen ready for action was under 5 minutes. All around planned bundling and simple to assemble – no screwdriver required. Accompanied both a HDMI and an Aux string… alright cool I welcome that yet whatever.

First look of the screen on my 38″ x 24″ work area and I’m happy with its impression. The screen bezels are little which looks great and oversees measure.

Another in addition to is the manner by which the base stretches out behind the screen rather than expelling in front which would take up significant land before the screen.

The screen and my PC share the work area extremely well, and there is even liberal space for an open scratch pad straightforwardly before the screen.

I’m happy that I ran with a 23.8″ screen over something like a 20-22″ as that last 1-3 inches has a detectable effect in screen estimate.

The structure and style of the item is exceptionally smooth and it looks incredible around my work area.

It unquestionably doesn’t publicize its unassuming sticker price with its costly and extravagance appearance.

HP 23.8-inch FHD IPS Monitor
HP 23.8-inch FHD IPS Monitor

Early execution

When I associated my workstation (a daintily overhauled Lenovo T440P Thinkpad, possibly a $400 PC) by means of HDMI to the screen I was met with an expansive cold owl gazing at me (one of the photographs that Windows goes through previously/amid sign in).

The image was splendid, edges were sharp, and the snow-white quills of the owl resembled a genuine unadulterated white. HP 23.8-inch FHD IPS Monitor

The differentiation between the white of the owl, its dull eyes and the dark colored of the tree was incredible and everything looked reasonable and exact.

Subsequent to signing in I went into the Windows show settings and made a couple of basic alterations on how I needed the workstation to show to the screen, it was simple and natural to do.

First thing I did was peruse some HD Youtube recordings (a Lord of the Rings battle scene, and Planet Earth) and I was quickly inspired. The screen stayed aware of the serious activity/pace of the LotR battle with no slacking edges or stammering.

Planet Earth’s tropical recordings looked splendid and precisely beautiful while the accompanying cavern video was legitimately dull and exceptional with snapshots of splendor.

Here the speed of a portion of the little critters gave the screen a smidgen of obscuring, particularly when the shade of the creature was like the shade of the foundation.

I at that point changed over to Netflix, perused a bit, and settled on Planet Earth again since the show has such a large number of astounding exhibitions to see.

Everything looked similarly as extraordinary and now and again even somewhat better. The speed of the creatures didn’t appear to obscure as with youtube (note: I didn’t watch precisely the same video so this is exceedingly episodic.) When it came to perusing content and progressively broad perusing of the web I was satisfied.

Letters had sharp corners, and the extra measure of content that fits on the screen versus my 14″ PC made for less looking over.

Content with the video playback I turned the screen (set screen to top stature, get a handle on edges of screen, and bend it to one side) to picture. The turn felt smooth and strong.

Kid does it make for a long screen, however I’m sure I will utilize it when working with not insignificant arrangements of information, programming, utilizing Excel, and so forth. I am happy I will have the choice.

HP 23.8-inch FHD IPS Monitor

HP 23.8-inch FHD IPS Monitor


As referenced before the sound is certainly frail. The volume is low, sound sounds really “shallow”, and there simply isn’t a lot to report there.

In my generally peaceful loft I could hear and comprehend the sound from the screen, yet it honestly wasn’t well before I returned to my workstation sound. Regardless having an at any rate usable sound choice as a back-up is superior to nothing. Computer full form

I will for the most part grant more indicates any thing that surpasses the desires for its primary capacity than I will punish an item to incorporate a normal to beneath normal “additional” that isn’t essential to execution.

In the event that my PC seat gave me a back rub. I would be wonderfully astounded yet on the off chance that it had a knotty seat, didn’t turn easily. And was stuck at a specific tallness I wouldn’t be so satisfied.

I’ll pick the seat that I can be agreeable in for quite a long time, turns easily and silently, and modifies tallness effortlessly.

I can’t address utilizing the screen for gaming and whether it can deal with that request as I don’t have the gaming tech information. The gaming background or even a diversion to test it with.

Last Pros

Sleek stylish/structure, stand pivots scene to-picture, modest bezels, great brilliance, dim blacks, proficient impression, straightforward and smooth tilt/stature alterations

Last Cons

Weak speakers, minor obscuring now and again of quick moving video.

I exceedingly prescribe it!

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