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I just built my new PC after 15 years. In between, i was a dedicated console gamer. Until finally i will decided to get back into the PC world and enjoy. The higher frame rates and better resolutions. After doing some homework and based on my needs. I decided that the new AMD Ryzen 5 1600X was good for me. I wanted a machine that had some decent power and offered most bang for buck!

When looking into supporting motherboards for the Ryzen 5. I kept reading forums on Reddit and watching tons of YouTube videos. By Paul’s Hardware, Bitwit, Linus’s Tech Tips and of course Jay’sTwoCents.

Considering these guys all pro and have what seems like the deepest pockets and sponsorship. And all i couldn’t really afford the best of the best system.

However when comparing this model of B350-F vs the Prime Plus vs A370. This one offered the most bang for buck and had the complete list of features. I needed along with some basic RGB features included.

The Good this variant of the b350-F motherboard is for the best one to use. Has a very easy (and pretty) bios interface. overclocking on this bad boy is so easy and straightforward. That you will be able to do it without even watching a YouTube video. Although i would recommend you watch one prior to doing anything on it. Pricing of this thing can’t be beat either. i purchased this when it was for $104.99 on Amazon. And had a $20 rebate from ASUS bringing it down to just $85.

At that price, the amount of features this board offers, including its build quality is amazing. This board fit perfectly in my Phanteks P400 tower without feeling too tight at all.

There are also a plethora of USB ports on the back including 3.0 as well. Overall quality, price and build of it is very impressive. The board also stays relatively cool and i have not experienced any spikes in temps.

The Not So Good – The only thing i disliked was that the board did not include a USB type C port. That is literally it! Everything else was perfect for my needs and booted up like a champ when i first built everything on it.

Overall – This B350-F board is the best option to get and can even save you some money. For moderate overclocking, a plethora of ports and cool RGB lighting as well as multiple points for fan and AIO connections, i would highly recommend this board.

The lack of a USB Type C port is the only thing going against this board, other than that i am extremely glad with my purchase and do not regret it at all. If you’re on the fence of getting this vs the A370, i would say go with this unless you are truly into water cooling and doing high Overclocking for extended periods of time. This is perfect for everything else and can handle moderate OC. Look it up on YouTube as well if you’d like to.

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