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Aorus Gigabyte AC300W R2 ATX Mid-Tower PC Case


The seller is misinforming everybody, the difference between r1 and r2 is the usb type c header inclusion. I have checked with GigaByte support themselves. (Aorus Gigabyte AC300W) Attached is the screen shot of their reply. So whatever is available in market around 4000 Rs with usb c is r2, actually r2 or r1 is mentioned on the box of the case. This case is excellent but buy it offline.

My straight forward review on the case in the scale of 10
Look: 10(looks pretty awesome) Aorus Gigabyte AC300W
Build:8(quality tempered glasses & satisfying metal build)
RGB: 8/10(have variety of modes with inbuild controller but won’t support motherboard sync)
Fans: 3/10 (this can be only used as outlet fans, connectors are customised you cannot reuse it with anyother case)
Cable management: 6/10(right side side panel is pretty tight. If you are using ATX mobo tough to connect 8 pin cpu power)
Air flow:8/10 if you are using a good branded fans then this is the case for best air flow. You can have 7 fans.3front, 3 top,1back)
Installation: 5/10( screws were tight not exactly fitting on the places)

Aorus Gigabyte AC300W Conclusion

Overall good looking cabinet for this price range. But if you are concerned about cable management and expecting air flow with pre installed fans don’t go with this product. If you just love colors and look this is the cabinet for you. Aorus Gigabyte AC300W

  • i have purchase this product just because i wanted to save some money on cabinet and believe me that cabinet is not cool looking like this cabinet and its more expensive .
  • now what i like about this cabinet
  • the rgb its awesome . it doesn’t hav the mother board skin but it doesn’t matter cause u cant expect it on this price point and u get lot of option on mode u dont even think of it.
  • air flow is good and u also get the option to mount fans or radiator up top .
  • cable management if you are using non module psu its a little difficult to all those cable on to psu shroud . cable management options are minimum.
  • and what i dont like about this cabinet is the hdd shroud . it come between the psu shroud and the front fan and thats not the problem the problem is u have to screw the hdd to that shroud . its impassible to screw it on the front side . but i think they knew that would be problem that why they included the lot of extra thumb screw .

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